Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Blah blah blah

While the title of this post is a good description of most of my blog posts, it is actually intended to describe how I feel and not how I talk. I feel blah blah blah.

I won't go on and on about the constant nausea I'm faced with at this time. I won't weigh you down with how hungry I actually am since I only eat very small meals 3 times and day and just nibble on fruit or sip on flavored drinks the rest of the time, because eating full meals would be a waste of good food (I know from past pregnancies).

And why should I force to you relive my restless nights of tossing and turning from one side to another? (Laying supine only increases my nausea. Instead I must tightly hug a pillow into my belly and lay on either side - and I'm not a side sleeper). How insensitive and immature that would be!

Yes, there are so many wonderful women in the world who are unable to have children. Yes, I, unlike some of my relatives, only start feeling sick at 5 weeks and am done by 18 or 20 weeks. And yes, I have the cutest, most helpful husband on the planet who wakes up early enough each day to be with the kids and help Sophie get ready on school days. Finally, my children are so patient. They let me lay around while they play with each other or watch movies or PBS Kids (and they only make crazy messes about 70% of the time). I am truly blessed.

And I still feel sick. Thank goodness for you that I've decided to restrain myself and not complain too much.