Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Drama Queen

I don't know where my kids get their dramatic nature!

This is definitely funnier in person, but I hope you'll find some humor in this. Sophie used to have the most delightful Teddy Bear that her Aunt Christina gifted her. It was tie-dyed pink, purple, and white, and his name was Dumbledore. In his left palm you could press a button, and he'd sing Brahms' lullaby to you (well, he'd play the tune). Unfortunately the most horrible thing happened last spring at a community event called the Teddy Bear picnic. You guessed it - she lost him. We searched for months, contacted the lost and found at the library (where the picnic was), and we finally gave up the fight. Yes, even in Utah things will be stolen. I can't really believe a parent would allow their child to go home with someone else's Teddy Bear, but that's what appears to have happened.

Well, we went to the Build-A-Bear workshop and got a new bear that she also named Dumbledore. He's a beautiful bear, though I confess that the old Dumbledore was cooler, especially since "he" (the original) was designed to be a "she." Still, Sophie has been pleased with Dumbledore II.

Now, I have the most delightful digital piano with many tunes programmed into it, including Brahms' lullaby. Sophie loves to play the various tunes. So, the other day, a new acting exercise started. (I'm trying to be sensitive to tender feelings, but I'm an actress, and I know an acting exercise when I see one). Sophie is at the piano while I'm at the computer, and she plays the Brahms lullaby and points out to me that it's the tune the old Dumbledore used to play (forget the fact that the new Dumbledore and Aidan's stuffed monkey, George, also play the tune). Suddenly I hear the unmistakable sound of keening. She begins with a low moan and the sound crescendos into this passionate weep. I reach out to her, and she lets me hold her for a few minutes. Then she returns to the piano, catharsis complete.

Today, I'm sitting at the computer setting up this blog when I hear Brahms' lullaby followed by the same sound. Yes, keening. If you don't know what it is, you should look it up. It's something the Irish do when they're mourning. I only wish you could see the tears budding in the corners of her squinting eyes as she does this.

Really, I think I'm a decent actress. But, she's good.


This is delightful!

Thank you for the invitation to Blog with you. ;)

Welcome to our blog!

I hate to be trendy, but I've loved reading my friend's blog from time to time, and I thought this might be a more usable alternative to the old website to help us stay in touch (until/unless something better comes along).

So, I'll start with Halloween. Sophie and David decided that she would dress up as The Corpse Bride (see Tim Burton film of that name). She was just darling.

We almost decided to make Aidan a fireman, and we got him a very cute, happily inexpensive costume, but it occured to me that he would probably not be dressing up as furry animals much longer, so we stuck with original plan - a giraffe. Was it worth it? If you think he's cute in the picture, imagine picking him up and snuggling him. Very fun!

David and I did the typical "we probably won't dress up and so let's focus ont he kids" thing, which was then followed by the "gee, Halloween is tomorrow and it would be disappointing to not dress up" thing. Anyway, we ended dressing up as Spike and Dru from the Buffy TV series. Unfortunately, with how hectic everything was that evening, we did not take photos. But we were at least as attractive as they were. (I think we were. :) Also, I got some really great new skirts from the whole "shopping for Dru-ish clothing. Love that!

Well, that's it for now, but I love the idea of sharing tidbits and photos from our family without tying up everyone's servers and inboxes. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.