Friday, December 12, 2008

Wicked, Wicked World...

Wicked sold out. I didn't get tickets. I just typed a relatively long post telling my story, but like an idiot I tried to copy my text for editing in Word as a safety precaution, and the entire post disappeared. (This has happened before.)

So, I just want to express my gratitude to the Arttix web support people who did not prepare themselves for the deluge of business they would receive this morning at 10:00 AM which resulted in their website crashing almost instantaneously. I also wish to thank the Broadway Across America people who were unkind enough to make tickets available early to many of their subscribers and their friends. Actually, I was almost one of those lucky enough to buy early, but when I opened the email from my friend, the promo code was missing and I was too busy to call her back and get it, etc.

Finally, I wish to thank Capitol Theatre for being a bit too small to hold such a show and the kind of audience that would attend said show. Thank you. Really.

I can only comfort myself with the knowledge that I would have probably been disappointed with something about the show, and $100-200 would not quite have felt worth it at a time like this with our economy.

But who am I kidding...

(By the way, poor quality and all, I bawl like a baby everytime I watch this...)