Thursday, May 21, 2009

Idol Thought: My Response to the Results

For starters, I appreciated the comments I received for the last post. It's so fun to hear your thoughts.

This may surprise people considering the last post, but I was actually pretty pleased that Kris won despite my respect for Adam. The thing about American Idol that I love/hate is that we're not just watching the contest, but we choose the winner. Adam is an artist's performer, and his talent is to be admired. But I think a majority of viewers want a winner who doesn't make them a little uncomfortable every time they watch him. Adam just came on a little too strong for a lot of people. That's why Danny and Kris were there so close to the end - they made audiences feel more comfortable (except when Danny was screaming the end of "Dream On." Oh what a riot!!). I believe that's why Kris won. I don't know, just a theory. I'm always happy when the winner is not necessarily the artist that the judges are trying to cram down our throats. It's not their decision, it's the viewers' decision.

In truth, I really think that Kris did great in the finale too. His first song was terrific, his version of "What's Going On" was hot and totally under-appreciated by the judges (what else was he supposed to do with the song - belt it out at the top of his lungs or something?), and he sounded better on Kara's lame original song than Adam despite it being on the high side for him. I love what a versatile musician he is. Like many, I wonder if he'll be much of a success, but if his own songs are as good as his covers of other songs, then he'll be great.

Last year, David Archuleta was unquestionably the more gifted vocalist of the two Davids, but Cook was the better performer overall. I think this situation was similar, except that while Archuleta is a flawless singer, Adam Lambert is UNBELIEVABLE. Yeah, I know I probably sound hypocritical - love his singing, but glad he didn't win. Yes, I'm in awe of his voice, and I think he is such a unique talent. I would rather listen to him or see him in a musical, though, than watch him in concert. Unless Queen wanted to have a big comeback - then Adam would be the perfect lead singer for them. Just saying.

I only hope that next year is better organized. I want to have those extra two weeks to fall in love with the singers. The whole top 36 thing with 12 at a time in the beginning was Bogus. Some people have a few kinks to work out from this year...